Happy Hunger Games!


In case you were unaware, The Hunger Games came out in theaters this weekend, and I am a huge fan. Not a teeny-bopper, I want to marry Liam Hemsworth, but I did thoroughly enjoy the books. My roommates and I went to the movie theater at 10:30pm Thursday night to wait for the midnight showing. The crowd filled with high school students cheered when the movie started…and then booed when the projector broke and the movie ended five minutes later. While most of the audience waited for the next hour until it was fixed, my roommates and I grabbed our free tickets and headed home to bed. I felt very old.

I didn’t even wait 24 hours until seeing the movie the next night with my mom and friend Colleen, and I loved it! Although books are always better than the movies, I thought the movie was a pretty good portrayal. Alright, alright, enough about the movie. However, even if you are not a Hunger Games fan, this next topic will make you feeling hungery.

Thursday morning before my last shift in the ED, I decided to make Oreo Chocolate Chip Cookies to bring with me. I used this recipe that my brother’s girlfriend, DB, gave me. She’s an amazing baker so I trusted that the cookies would be delicious.

I was in such a rush to get to the hospital on time that I didn’t have time to let the cookies cool completely. I don’t think anyone minded…they all seemed pretty happy when I brought warm cookies around midshift- they were gone within five minutes! Baking for me is kind of like therapy and I think my roommates are not going to be happy with me because I feel a lot more baking coming on this week….oops!


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